The history of Vino-Skop

The history of Vino-Skop

The history of Vino-Skop

Vino-Skop 2016

VINO-SKOP HAS ENDED: Record visit to the performance of “Kuku Lele”

Last night, the tenth jubilee Vino-Skop in our capitol has ended. It lasted from 28th September until 2nd October, and was held on the “Mother Theresa” square.

This time the organizers tried to make the festival look good and go smoothly, and have especially put an accent on the musical part, where during those five festival nights there was music for everyone’s taste.

On stage, we saw the legendary Miki Jovanovski-Dzafer, Jakov Drenkovski, Vlado Janevski and many more.

Most visited was the performance on Saturday, when the famous duo “Kuku Lele” performed on stage. It is assumed that on Saturday there were about 12.000 visitors.

Vino-Skop 2015

The wine festival “Vino-Skop 2015” last night was opened at the “Boris Trajkovski” sport centre, and will last until 4th October. During the festival, visitors will enjoy wine from over 20 Macedonian wineries, and can also taste some wine cocktails such as sangria and wine mojito. Aside from wine, visitors can taste Macedonian delicacies such as yellow cheese, cheese, BBQ and delicatessen products. For the first time this year there’s a vegan stand.

Wineries present at the festival are: Tikves, Kartal, Stobi, Povardarie, Vault Valandovo, Lozar, Dudan, Bovin, Skovin, Pivka, Chateau Sopot, Dalvina, Kamnik and Winery Temov.

Dj Tina has opened the festival, and after performed Chill Play, Eye Cue, Tayzee and guests Bojan Marovic and Dejan Cukjic – Cuki.

Payment on “Vino-Skop” is done with coupons, which can be purchased on the entrances of the festival.

The mayor of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski attended the opening night.

For the realization of the festival, the City of Skopje allocated 500,000 denars from the budget. The festival is traditionally organized by “Temov”.

Vino-Skop 2014

The eighth edition of the wine festival “Vino-Skop 2014” has ended. For five days Skopje has lived and breathed the pace that this festival has set.

A lot of wine and many performers have enjoyed the stage, and there was music for everyone. The new location “Karposh’s rebellion” has proved to be the perfect choice for this kind of manifestation, and was even too small for all visitors.

Chalgii, Dj Tina opened the last and fifth night, and later performed “Beta House”, the incredible folk diva Blagica Pavlovska, Uska Can Orchestra and last Toni Mihajlovski companied by Skandal Sastaf.

Blagica Pavlovska with her familiar style and music ruled the stage, and also the crowd.

Slowly, but surely, the wine festival has become an epitome of the town of Skopje, and year after year it has become more valued. All we can do is wait for the next edition of “Vino-Skop”.

Vino-Skop 2013

Around 150 thousand visitors at “Vino-Skop 2013)

Around 150 thousand people have visited the seventh edition of the wine festival “Vino-Skop 2013”, which took place on “Macedonia” square from 16th to 20th October.

The visitors of this traditional manifestation, in organization by “Winery Temov” and supported by the City of Skopje, had the opportunity to taste over 100 different kinds of wine, from 20 Macedonian and foreign wineries. Wineries who took part were – Tikves, Skovin, Stobi, Bovin, Chateau Sopot, Popov, Popova Kula, Kartal, Chateau Kamnik, Dalvina, Vault Valandovo, Vardarska dolina, Brusani, Izvorno, Dudin, Vekovnik and distillery Altan.

Aside from wine, there was also a variety of food products. This year also, the visitors had the opportunity to buy glasses, badges, t-shirts, hoodies, and the sale was realized exclusively with festival coupons.

This yea, the festival featured several musical genres, mostly ethno and rock music. Performers: Superhiks, Kristina Arnaudova, Tumbao Salsa band, Dragan Mijalkovski, Ajdared, Vladimir Chetkar, Beni and Non-Stop, Bojana Atanasovska, Sarah Mace, Jakov Drenkovski… We also had performance by our guests from Croatia – Klapa Iskon, the ethno band from Cyprus – Monsieur Doumani and Skaddia World Music from Italy.

The mayors of Skopje, Prilep and Bitola, Koce Trajanovski, Marjan Risteski and Vladimir Talevski, attended the closing night of the festival.

Vino-Skop 2012

On 10th of October 2012, the sixth edition of the International Wine Festival "Vino-Skop", was held. The festival kept its promise and ensured and authentic atmosphere on the Macedonia square. Visitors had the opportunity to taste many different types of quality wine, mixed with delicious food, and all of that followed by music for the soul. This year on the festival, attended over 20 Macedonian wineries.

The event was opened by the mayor Koce Trajanovski and the agriculture minister Ljupco Dimovski. On the opening night of the festival attended over ten thousand visitors. Among the performers appeared : Igor Dzambazov, Guru Hare Band, Chalgii, Nokaut, Skandal Sastav, and many other performers who took care of the great atmosphere.


Vino-Skop 2011

With the organization of winery "Temov" and the City of Skopje, again this year, the citizens had the opportunity to taste local and foreign wines, varied gourmet specialties and enjoy the performance of many Macedonian and foreign musicians. "Wine is the gift from the Gods" says the old saying, which was just a confirmation that no one can resist this divine drink.

It is well known that Macedonia is a country with great tradition and skill in producing wonderful wines. Musical program was provided by a number of great musicians such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Dautovski quartet, Igor Dzambazov, Esma Redzepova, Goce Arnaudov, also guests from Croatia and Kosovo, as well as many other.


Vino-Skop 2010

In 2010, for the fourth time, the international festival of wine called "Vino-Skop" was held. The festival was held on the well-known location, the esplanade "13 November", under the auspices of the City of Skopje. The music program included a number of Macedonian and foreign performers. The festival was traditionally opened by Risto Samardziev, and also Zoran Dzorlev, Zafir Hadzimanov, Vanja Lazarova, and the famous Toni Kitanovski and the orchestra "Cherkezi".

From the foreign performers featured guests from Sweden "Krusumusik", the Italians " Zambramora", the Croats "Freaks" and many others. Thirty domestic and foreign wineries participated. For the good atmosphere also helped the animators, the mummers and walkers on stilts, which represented the wine Gods. It is very important to mention that this year for the first time participated importers from Croatian wines.


Vino-Skop 2009

The third annual "Vino-Skop" was held on the well-known location, the esplanade "13 November" with duration of 4 days. The patron of the festival, as always, was the City of Skopje, and organizer the winery "Temov". Like every year, the number of wineries increased, and this year the number was increased to 40 domestic and international wineries, set on the square. The visitors on the opening night of the festival enjoyed the sounds of "Synthesis", and the next days on the guests from Italy, Spain, Romania, The Netherlands, Canada, Croatia and the country.


Vino-Skop 2008

In 2008, the festival "Vino-Skop" took place on the esplanade "13 November", for the second time, under the auspices of the City of Skopje. The three-day wine event aimed to present the extensive production of wine from our country and also our cultural heritage and tradition. This year, the number of wineries had been doubled, and representatives from Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro also attended the festival, which made this festival and international event.

The opening of the festival featured Risto Samardziev, Jakov Drenkovski and "Balashevic Tribute Band", while the other days of the festival were reserved for a number of other performers and groups. The festival had more than 12 000 visitors. The tasting and evaluation of the best wines was performed by four experts from the UK, Croatia, Bulgaria and Austria. The evaluation of wines was performed in three categories black, white and barrique-wine. For the visitors, the organizers of the festival provided cups with the logo of the festival.


Vino-Skop 2007

In 2007, the citizens of Skopje, for the first time had the opportunity to attend the International Wine Festival "Vino-Skop". The event was held on the esplanade "13 November" and 20 Macedonian wineries were presented there. During the festival, however, there was a professional degustation of wines in which Macedonian wineries were judged by three international and two local judges. Guests on the festival were, the professional taster Kevin Moore, from the wine magazine "Harpers Wine and Spirit", from the UK, and the judge from Italy, Enrica Tizziati, an expert on Italian wines.

The winners of the festival were the wineries: Vinar, Skovin, Chateau Kamnik, Pivka and Popova Kula. The festival was also preceded by a cultural and artistic program, despite Macedonian choirs, ethno bands and brass orchestras, there were also musical performances and guests from Italy and Vojvodina. The funds that were collected by the auction of wines, which City of Skopje organized withing this festival for promoting Macedonian wines, was donated to charities to help the Children's Hospital "Kozle".


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